Why Does Soft Water Feel Slimy or Slick In The Shower?

Has it ever happened to you that you have started a good day with a shower and suddenly your mood gets ruined because of sliminess in water? Have you ever wondered why this happens after all? If yes, and if you are still searching for the reason, let us tell you the reason behind it. The sliminess can be a huge health hazard too if you don’t address it at the earliest. Though many agents and companies claim to get this problem sorted, yet experts would always recommend to choose a Fleck water softener. This helps to soften the water to the level that is safe for consumption, even during a shower.


What is the real problem?

The sliminess that is found in water is because of the hardness in the water. The hard water leaves a scum on the skin, causing the hair and skin to squeak. A lot of advertisements have often misguided us saying that squeakiness is a mark of cleanliness. Even our parents and neighbors would have advocated the same. This is because they all have grown up with hard water, which has led to this problem. We bath and take shampoo thinking that we must be “squeaky clean”, which is a misconception. In fact, it is “squeaky dirty”.

Why is the water slimy?

The sliminess is induced by the presence of minerals and substances in the water that makes it hard. This water usually does not form lather with the soap easily. As a result, scum that forms over our hair and body leads them to be excessively dry. The hair can even become dry, lifeless and brittle. The skin can become itchy and dry.

How to check if water is slimy?

The best way to check for hardness in water is to fill a bucket or bathtub with water and check for a lining of scum.

  • Fill the bathtub with the water from the tap through direct supply.
  • Drain the water and let the bathtub be empty.
  • Check if the bathtub is left with a ring.

If there is a lining, then this proves that the water getting supplied to your home is hard, and you need to take serious measures to soften the water before consuming it. Soft water can help you clean your body effectively and can leave it smooth even after the water has dried away. It seems as if you have applied a lotion on the skin.

How to soften the water?

Finding the best water softener is a tough job and especially when every company in the market says it is the best. You must rely on facts and statistics to understand which one the best for you is. Let us show you concrete reasons why you must choose a Fleck water softener.

  • Affordability: The vast range of options in the product portfolio makes it easy for you to find a product within your budget.
  • Simplicity: The ease of use of the Fleck water softeners makes the products quite simplistic, and easy to assemble. You also get a manual that guides you stepwise to set up the softener.
  • Eco-friendly: The water softener from Fleck is made from the finest materials which lead to low power consumption. Even salt consumption is less, which is makes it eco-friendly.
  • Efficiency: The efficacy with which the water softeners get the job done is simply marvellous.
  • WQA Certified: This puts a seal of credibility on the water softeners that Fleck brings to you. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the machine.

So, if you are worried about the hardness of water at your home or office, shed all your worries and get the Fleck water softener installed at your place right away.

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