Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Contract Is Ending with Avengers 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe studio is facing interesting times ahead with the contractual agreements with some of the keys actors who played a key role in its franchises coming to an end. One of Marvel’s leading actors whose contract is also ending is Chris Hemsworth. USA Today recently talked to Hemsworth who noted that his acting roles for Marvel Studios had come to an end. This signified the end of his role as Thor, one of the leading characters in the Avengers series.

Chris Hemsworth with Marvel studios

Chris Hemsworth has featured in a number of films from Marvel Studios. These include the following:

  • Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • Thor (2011)
  • Doctor Strange (2016)
  • The Avengers (2012)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
  • Avengers 4

Hemsworth’s reaction to his ending contract

In most cases, the end of contracts for actors is often observed as an opportunity for them to pursue other mega projects. It is also perceived as a way to give a chance to new actors to come on the scene. Therefore, most actors often look behind with mixed feelings on their successes and failures. However, this is not the case for Hemsworth. He notes that his role as Thor seemed like something that would not come to an end, and it scares him whenever he thinks that his ending contract means an end to his role. While talking to USA Today, Hemsworth notes that Thor: Ragnarok, redefined Thor as a character and he had started enjoying his re-invented role.

Unfortunately for him, this seems to have come rather too late.

The future of Thor

Despite the ending contract at Marvel studios, Hemsworth is eager to see whether the owners of this studio will consider extending his contract with a release of a new Thor movie. During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi discussed the possibility of releasing further movies for Marvel studios considering the fact that they had redefined the role of Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers 4, which will be released around May 2019. As such, the newly invented role of Thor has given them numerous ideas on how this character can feature in future films. He notes that he discussed the issue with the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Hemsworth told USA Today that Feige encouraged him to concentrate on filming Avengers 4 and was noncommittal on whether he would consider the character Thor in his future films.

For the fans of Thor character in the Avengers franchise, there is an element of hope that Marvel studios could consider renewing Hemsworth contract for the sake of keeping him [Thor] alive. Therefore, the undertakers might need to wait a little longer before holding Thor’s funeral. Thor’s delayed “death” is good news for Hemsworth since this means that he still has work to do and a
contract to hold onto. From experience, Marvel is likely to renew Hemsworth contract if Iron Man franchise is anything to go by. Note that Marvel studios extended Robert Downey Jr’s contract for him to feature in Iron Man 4, which is likely to be released in 2020.

Therefore, renewing Hemsworth contract for one or two more Avengers franchise movies will be nothing out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, as Marvel Studios’ fans, we have no choice but to play the game of “let’s wait and see” for now.

Keanu Reeves to Guest Star in John Wick TV show

There are continuous developments in the entertainment world. The best TV shows, hosted by the best TV channels, continue to find new ways to introduce the best actors to their scripts and shows. In the recent developments, Keanu Reeves, one of the best actors in the world with a wide fan base, might star in one of the best films, The John Wick TV Show. The recent announcement by the network raised a mighty excitement for both Keanu Reeves and John Wick Show’s fans. We discuss in details, the recent developments, the challenges, and the expectations.

The John Wick TV Show

The John Wick TV Show is a recent project under development by Starz. The prequel, to be “The Continental,” should be about the assassin’s hotels without violence. The show, which takes a different direction from the movie, has a very interesting storyline for which fans eagerly await. Although John Wick is not the major star of the show and the story does not go around him, he might make a few appearances according to the programming president.

Starz is a huge entertainment network that has great ratings from the major shows and movies under their production line. John Wick is a movie that has two sequels. After production, the movie gained great popularity and positive reviews from the fans. John Wick is an action movie with one of the most talented directors, Chad Stahelski. Starz has high regards for the movie as well as the team that played part in its production and direction. For that reason, the network has high confidence in the TV series that has many people excited.

In the TV show, the network plans to ensure they produce excellent action and story, as the movie did. For that reason, the network plans to work with the same team that participated in the movie sequels. Chad Stahelski, the director of the movie, will work closely with the Co-director he worked with on the movie. Apart from David Leitch, the Co-director, the team will also consist of Keanu Reeves, the star, and Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter behind John Wick, the movie.

Chris Collins, one of the best writers with popularity from previous works like “Sons of Anarchy,” will take on the task of writing up the TV series for the network. In the announcements concerning the John Wick TV show, the show’s programming president announced the possibility of Keanu Reeves appearing in the TV series.

However, the fans do not have any idea whether the role Keanu Reeves might play is a recurring one. It is possible for the character to make a single appearance. Fans, however, have their fingers crossed hoping that it becomes a recurring character in the show. This way, fans can enjoy the talent of Keanu Reeves.

Why Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves is a major actor with appearances in many movies. The actor, however, has a high level of appearance in most action movies. This is because the star’s talent reflects best in action movies, for instance, his perfect role as John Wick in the movie.

After the announcement of the prequel’s production, the major question in most fans’ minds was the possibility of Keanu Reeves appearing as a star in it.

Keanu Reeves plays a major role in The John Wick TV Show as a producer, which is exciting considering his talent in production.

What to expect

The show, as mentioned, is a story related to John Wick. However, the show does not surround the work of John Wick. Instead, the show goes around the place where the assassins find shelter. This is the Continental Hotel, which is a place without murder or violence, even between the assassins. This will air on very many platforms, including ShowBox for PC to allow for a wide fan base reach.

The John Wick movie’s ratings and exciting production have people excited about the TV show, especially after the announcement of the involvement of the same team. Starz, the network behind ‘The Continent’ expects a lot of talent to display from the TV show’s panel. The president, directors, producers, and all the stars have excitement for the show and urge people to tune in for the show.

John Wick 2 : Movie Review

The action-packed, point-blank shooting violent thriller John Wick marked Keanu Reeve’s return to the big screen after a decade long hiatus. Directed by ex-stuntman Chad Stahelski, the adrenaline filled thriller followed the titular former assassin John Wick, in his quest to avenge the death of his dog. Needless to say, the action flick was a masterfully choreographed spectacle of bloody carnage and gory mayhem with lots of cursing. Having been one of the surprise blockbuster successes of 2014, a sequel was almost a must, despite the film’s ending. The sequel came in 2017 and followed up from where the original left off.

Serving up the same gory mayhem and bloody carnage that made the original a success, but on a grander scale, the sequel, John Wick, Chapter 2 was never going to disappoint. In the 2017 release, John Wick is forced out of retirement again, when an Italian mobster, Santino D’Antonio, played by Riccardo Scamarcio comes to redeem a blood oath owed to him. This has Wick on a reluctant mission to kill the mobster’s sister in Rome. And when he succeeds he gets slapped with a sneaky $ 7 million open contract on his head placed by the very mobster who ordered the hit. In a thrilling turn of events, Wick has to fight off droves of assassins one bloody shoot out at a time.

While Keanu Reeve’s performance is nothing short of masterful, he is joined by some familiar faces in the form of the Game of Throne’s Ian McShane, who reprises his godfather inspired role from the first film. Laurence Fishburne, who starred along side Keanu Reeves in the Matrix franchise also makes an appearance as a crime lord by the name of the Bowrey King. Hip Hop artist cum rapper Common is the other familiar face in the film. Common is one of the film’s main antagonist acting as Cassian the loyal bodyguard of the mobster than Wick killed.

Written by Derek Kolstad, the plot of this movie is cleverly created. The code of honor among criminals is brightly brought out and so is the concept of an underworld syndicate hiding in plain sight. One of the film’s intriguing aspects is the hotel continental, a chick Manhattan hotel that serves the who’s who in the criminal underworld. Run by Winston, Ian McShane who has a strict no violence within the hotel’s walls policy.

There is no shortage of violence in Rome though as Wick has to fight his way through a swarm of Santino’s goons led by the mute Ares, Ruby Rose. The ex-assassin also has to contend with Cassian’s desire to avenge his boss. The shootout at the ancient baths of Caracalla at the beginning of the film truly epitomize the movie’s love of “gun-fu” shootouts. And who can forget the shootout at the hall of mirrors. The carnage does not end in Rome though as everyone’s beloved one-man army finds himself targeted by every killer in New York upon his return. This forces him to reluctantly seek help from an old enemy in the form of Laurence Fishbourne as the Bowrey King.

Before being cast in the leading role, Keanu Reeves had to master the deadly art of judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. With the talented Dan Laustsen acting as the film’s cinematographer, the movie lacks the digital dazzle, green-screen trickery and over the top editing that has come to define modern blockbusters. Instead, the movie relies on the realistic and non-virtual live-on-location action. The result is a realistic and well-choreographed spectacle that is reminiscent of the grace of old Hong Kong action flicks.

Overall, it is the film’s elegantly gruesome killing sprees and realistic carnage and mayhem that makes it standout. Interestingly, the film manages to find the right balance between a genuinely intriguing plot and out of this world mayhem. This is something that most blockbusters have failed today. The ending of the movie acts as an interlude to a third installment, which many will be waiting for with bated breath. Audacious, bold, violent, surprisingly hilarious; these are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe John Wick Chapter two. In essence, the sequel just like its predecessor is the quintessential action-thriller, the kind of movie you will want to watch more than once.

The Disaster That is The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a film based in 1998 in California, United States. The plot focuses on Greg Sestero ( Dave Franco ) a young man and aspiring actor who has high hopes for a future in the film industry.

When attending an acting class, he meets a man called Tommy Wiseau (James Franco), and together they embark on a unique, challenging and humor ridden quest to find success in Hollywood.

The plot of the film itself struck me as one with a large potential for success in the categories of comedy and drama. With plenty of engaging twists, compelling mysteries and an exciting, tense atmosphere as myself, along with audiences wondered what would happen next.

The cinematography was another strong point for this the Brandon Trost set the bar high as the Director of Photography for the film and rolled out some excellently executed scenes which matched their camera angles, lighting, cuts and background effects in perfect synchronicity. An example of this is the ‘You want to do a scene’ scene in which the point of view shot used by the cameraman allows the audience to become involved in the action of the movie itself.

Unfortunately, the Disaster Artist let itself down on one of the most crucial areas in modern film production: Casting. The main cast actually consisted of two brothers, Dave and James Franco ( the latter also directed the film,) and I believe that the close family bond between these two may have created a bias against other, more suitable actors, who may have wished to take the role of Greg or Tommy.

As it stands, James’ performance was a poor excuse for talented acting. The slurring, nasally voice which he adopts to become Tommy is clearly recognizable as an accent fabricated for a role and is hard to listen to without flinching. He is clearly not comfortable in his persona, and despite the character being inherently supposed to act strangely, he is unpleasantly odd. Having a character which is hard to listen to, and makes audiences feel uncomfortable is not the set up for a blockbuster movie.

Dave Franco fills his role as a hope-filled amateur actor, Greg slightly better, bringing essence and humanity to his character and giving life to the film. However, when imagining how someone like Greg may act should I bump into them in the real world, I failed to imagine Franco as the person whom the personality of Greg belongs to. This has led me to conclude that while Dave picked up the slack for his brother regarding bringing quality acting on the stage, his role would have been far better filled by someone whose outward appearance, voice, and movement matched the timid, unsure, yet optimistic Greg.

To conclude, the film delivered well regarding plot and cinematography, providing an enjoyable watching experience, complete with unpredictable situations, well-staged scenes, and excellent editing and refining.

However, I do believe that the movie fell short on casting with both James and Dave Franco performing in roles much better suited to other actors. In my opinion, James Franco would have managed a lot more successfully had he exclusively directed the film, leaving the casting to actors outside of his own family who could audition for the role for the casting crew to be able to make the most suitable selection.

So, The Disaster Artist: A brilliant idea, let down by simple, yet crucial details in production.

John Wick 3 Release Date Has been officially confirmed

The John Wick 3 is already a lock, loading and ready to rock the screens once again. The releasing date has been determined, and it is set to be May 17th, 2019. This film shall be the first one released during the summer season. Given the success of chapter 1 and chapter 2, John Wick 3 is expected to make a tremendous comeback in the screens. The confirmation of the return of John Wick film series is a signal that the remarkable success is set to make back to the people’s homes. Many people have described the second movie as fricking fabulous and breathtaking.

Reports indicate that the production manager Chad Starhelski is on the rush to fast-track its release possibly at the course f the year. One Derek Kolstad a man who plays a crucial role in the first two movies is set to come up with a script making the central feature in the John Wick 3 movie. With the release of official communication regarding the release of this film on May 17, 2019, the involvement of Reeves has remained scanty. However, this cannot make John Wick 3 without Reeves actively playing a role in the movie. After watching John 1 and 2, the audience has developed a personal attachment with Reeves and the whole set of John film series.

The movie lovers especially the most prominent followers of Reeves have been waiting for the release of the third series. The second movie ended at a point where John sped off with his dog as a foe of continental. This happened at a moment when he spilled the blood of his enemies. At this juncture, viewers were left gushing out with disbelief as they watched the movie come to an end. Many wish to view what happened behind the scenes. A continuation from the point John disappeared into the blues would resurrect memories of the sweet times. This shows that the first two series have realized immense success.

John’s audience loved his character, and Reeve stated that if the followers loved his work, then he can continue to offer that which he loves best. It is like the support of the audience is giving Reeve the extra energy to push forth with this kind of the job. He hopes that all will work out as planned. While there is little information dispelled about the movie, sources indicate that the film is set to make a historic come back. The passionate movie lovers are patiently waiting hoping that the third series quench their thirst.

Therefore, the comeback of John Wick 3 comes at a time when many followers are eagerly waiting for the famous entertainment. Since John Wick 3 is slated to be released next year May 17, 2019, it is one of the most awaited films. The stage set by the success of John Wick 1 and 2 have generated high spirits among John’s fans who believe that the third movie will be even higher. There may be limited or scanty reports about John Wick 3; many remain optimistic that the film is going to be great and better than before.

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