Keanu Reeves to Guest Star in John Wick TV show

There are continuous developments in the entertainment world. The best TV shows, hosted by the best TV channels, continue to find new ways to introduce the best actors to their scripts and shows. In the recent developments, Keanu Reeves, one of the best actors in the world with a wide fan base, might star in one of the best films, The John Wick TV Show. The recent announcement by the network raised a mighty excitement for both Keanu Reeves and John Wick Show’s fans. We discuss in details, the recent developments, the challenges, and the expectations.

The John Wick TV Show

The John Wick TV Show is a recent project under development by Starz. The prequel, to be “The Continental,” should be about the assassin’s hotels without violence. The show, which takes a different direction from the movie, has a very interesting storyline for which fans eagerly await. Although John Wick is not the major star of the show and the story does not go around him, he might make a few appearances according to the programming president.

Starz is a huge entertainment network that has great ratings from the major shows and movies under their production line. John Wick is a movie that has two sequels. After production, the movie gained great popularity and positive reviews from the fans. John Wick is an action movie with one of the most talented directors, Chad Stahelski. Starz has high regards for the movie as well as the team that played part in its production and direction. For that reason, the network has high confidence in the TV series that has many people excited.

In the TV show, the network plans to ensure they produce excellent action and story, as the movie did. For that reason, the network plans to work with the same team that participated in the movie sequels. Chad Stahelski, the director of the movie, will work closely with the Co-director he worked with on the movie. Apart from David Leitch, the Co-director, the team will also consist of Keanu Reeves, the star, and Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter behind John Wick, the movie.

Chris Collins, one of the best writers with popularity from previous works like “Sons of Anarchy,” will take on the task of writing up the TV series for the network. In the announcements concerning the John Wick TV show, the show’s programming president announced the possibility of Keanu Reeves appearing in the TV series.

However, the fans do not have any idea whether the role Keanu Reeves might play is a recurring one. It is possible for the character to make a single appearance. Fans, however, have their fingers crossed hoping that it becomes a recurring character in the show. This way, fans can enjoy the talent of Keanu Reeves.

Why Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves is a major actor with appearances in many movies. The actor, however, has a high level of appearance in most action movies. This is because the star’s talent reflects best in action movies, for instance, his perfect role as John Wick in the movie.

After the announcement of the prequel’s production, the major question in most fans’ minds was the possibility of Keanu Reeves appearing as a star in it.

Keanu Reeves plays a major role in The John Wick TV Show as a producer, which is exciting considering his talent in production.

What to expect

The show, as mentioned, is a story related to John Wick. However, the show does not surround the work of John Wick. Instead, the show goes around the place where the assassins find shelter. This is the Continental Hotel, which is a place without murder or violence, even between the assassins. This will air on very many platforms, including ShowBox for PC to allow for a wide fan base reach.

The John Wick movie’s ratings and exciting production have people excited about the TV show, especially after the announcement of the involvement of the same team. Starz, the network behind ‘The Continent’ expects a lot of talent to display from the TV show’s panel. The president, directors, producers, and all the stars have excitement for the show and urge people to tune in for the show.

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