Top 5 Skyrim Mods That You Must Check

Released in 2011, Skyrim is, to this day, considered to be one of the greatest video games of all times and for good reasons. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the diverse world where you can wnder off in the midst of magical creatures.

But even though it is the best, this game has faced criticism for glitches and optimization problems. Lucky for us, the modders kept working their way to making this game more interesting and usable. And so, here are some mods that will improve your experience with this fantastic game, even if you already know this fantasy world better than yourself.

1. SkyUI :

There is one thing a lot of gamers agree on, and that is that the original UI of this otherwise amazing game is pretty much terrible. Although SkyUI changes a lot of things, it luckily adds a few new features as well. It makes it easier to use; there is a control panel that can be found in the options which some mods plug into beforehand and much more. Not only that, this mod also makes it easier to read and add mod configuration menu to the pause screen. Also with that, you can install Skyrim Script Extender which is popular and will expand you to a lot of things other mods can do.

2. Immersive Weapons/Immersive Armours :

The other mod that is very popular is the immersive weapons. This mod made by the Hothtrooper44 is a wise decision if magic is not your cup of tea. It is much more efficient, and you can go into war in style. Not only that, you will he able to find hundreds and thousands of armors and weapons in one mod without the necessity to search up all of then individually. In a way, this is saving you a lot of time. Time, that you can spend actually concentration on the game rather than picking what to wear and what to carry. And that is why, gamers prefer this mod.

3. Unofficial Skyrim Patches :

As Bethesda stopped fixing patches years ago and we got tired of the same old mistakes and productions that were not up to the modern gaming standard, there are some series of patches made by fans of this thrilling game. This group of modders almost solve any problem or patch whenever something new arises. Not only is there one for every official DLC but there are high-resolution textures and the Legendary Edition, making it a must-have for Skyrim lovers.

4. Performance Optimization and Performance Textures :

If you use ENB and realistic lighting, then this mod is perfect for you. It not only is popular but it also saves you few frames per second as so this is perfect. This mod was built to improve the interior of this game and was initially called Occlusion Culling Performance Patch. Using high demanding mods can have its downsides, and this mod luckily gives you massive fps boost. Many gamers think it is the best you can find for free as it not only comes with advantages but also does not mess up your graphics as well.

5. Interesting NPCs :

This is another popular mod as the magical world of Skyrim is filled with many characters. They might have their own skills and unique qualities but what they lack is a proper storyline. The characters at times seem shallow even if they are well thought up with advantages if their own (for example, nords with fifty percent frost resistance). And that is why this mod is a huge necessity.

The NPCs give us better storyline to work with, making this fantasy world a bit more real and making us homesick after every game. It features the best storylines with great character build up. And if that is not enough, there is the voice acting that reminds us of how much work the creators put into making this mod.

Skyrim is not only an amazing game but is still going strong after all these years, who knows, maybe there will be better mods coming up in a few months. And so, we hope you have fun trying out these mods and finding your perfect match.

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